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The solution of pest control in property management area
Date: 2018-06-27
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More and more well-known property management company in the choice of professional pest control partners, as they solve problems of insect pest in property management, property management companies are no longer dependent on cleaning and their own strength, more trust in pest control company of professional work, the investment for them to improve the work efficiency and save cost, reduce the risk of service.



I. Key points of pest control in property management:

1. Need to focus on pest control in public areas;Contains green, green water, square, public toilets, distribution room pipe well, building entrance hall, parking lot, yard, trash can, garbage and other common public area is the foundation of our pest control in the property, we need in pest control facilities are installed in these areas, and artificial maintenance and data of continuous feedback, at the same time to strengthen the inspection and prevention measures of treatment of this kind of area, avoid the influence on the rest of the property.

2. Pay attention to the cooperation with other departments: We have our own property management services in most of our property management areas, and pest control services need to coordinate with cleaning and greening within the same property management scope to avoid the impact of other property service quality on pest control.At the same time pest control services must be under the property management services, pay attention to realize their professional value.This includes the pest risk training within the property company, the establishment of pest control system to assist the establishment of pest control, and pest control publicity to the owners.Pest control companies pay attention to realize the diversity of value, flexibility, only in this way can we maximize the pest service work.

3. Pay attention to the targeted work and grasp the key points;The so-called targeting is to pay attention to the implementation of pest services in the process, in different seasons to pay attention to the prevention of different key pest work, pay attention to the inspection and monitoring of key risk points in the property management scope, the important risk points in the property management scope need to be checked and disposed at any time.Such as garbage, food and beverage around the facade, property within the surrounding supermarkets and shopping malls.

II.our property pest control solutions

1. Provide pest prevention and treatment services.Both for residential property, property or building type, we can according to customer demand, combined with the actual situation of the property, the property management within the scope of the insect pest prevention measures to preventive measure before the contract is signed, including peripheral public areas on a regular basis sanitizers, decorate material pretreatment, garden trees termite prevention treatment, the sales department in advance to prevent disposal, etc.

2.Offer a variety of services.We can provide free pest prevention training and publicity for property owners, through our work into the daily work of property management, so that owners feel the considerate service of the property.At the same time, according to the actual situation of the property, we can carry out a variety of forms of service mode, such as regional pest control treatment or one-time pest treatment, so as to meet the management needs of the property department as far as possible, and deal with problems from the perspective of the property management side.In the process of service, if you have the owner's needs for household handling and gap filling, with the help of our own advantages, we will fully meet the needs of the property, to meet the owner's aspirations.

3. Pest control treatment at important nodes.In the course of service, if there is a general epidemic situation (such as dengue fever, SARS, etc.) or major inspection in the property management, we can arrange for comprehensive treatment and service according to the owners' needs and beyond the scope of the plan, so that the owners can be as urgent as they want and think as they want.

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