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Chain restaurant pest control solutions
Date: 2014-11-15
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Catering industry is a highly competitive industry and an inseparable industry that attracts close attention from the public. Attracting customers requires unique dishes, good catering environment and value for money.But losing customers can often be all it takes.The restaurant industry's close relationship with food makes it hard to be an insulator for pests.Therefore, it is necessary to choose professional PCO control company for pest prevention and management.


Our service starts with the arrival at the restaurant.

I. On-site Service:

1. Wear a work permit and cap to explain your purpose to the restaurant staff.

2. After entering the restaurant, put the equipment and work bag in the appropriate place.

3. Explain your purpose to the on-duty manager of the restaurant, understand whether the suggestions put forward by the last service have been implemented, whether the restaurant has any maintenance activities after the last service, inquire about the rodent infestation of the restaurant, and explain the matters that need to be coordinated.

4. Inspection of harmful organisms (mainly mice, cockroaches, mosquitoes, flies, ants, spiders, centipedes, biting midges, photogenic flying insects), including various traces and structural loopholes;Sanitary inspection of restaurant.Check the surrounding environment of the restaurant (50 meters around the restaurant, 300 meters around the restaurant) and make records for the first time.

5. Check the fly lamp and replace the fly paper if necessary.

6, plugging, point glue bait, make a good record.

7. Please cover the equipment, food, containers and appliances on duty.

8. When the restaurant staff leave, wear masks and carry out spatial processing.

II. Follow-up Work:

1. After the completion of the site work, fill in the report carefully according to the work content.

2. Explain the contents of this work, problems found, treatment and suggestions to the restaurant's duty manager in detail.

3. Please ask the manager on duty to sign for confirmation.

4. Clean the equipment, medicines, tools, etc., and leave the restaurant in a polite manner.

III. Matters needing Attention

1. For a 24-hour store, you must call the restaurant one day in advance to ask if it needs space treatment.

2. If time is tight, when making the first restaurant, call the next restaurant and tell them the approximate arrival time, and ask the restaurant to keep a guest.

3. If the service date needs to be partially adjusted due to special circumstances, the company shall be informed and the company shall negotiate with the customer.Do not change the service date at will.

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