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Health cities to create work programmes on vector control
Date: 2018-06-26
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Vector biological control is an important part of the establishment of a national health city, and is one of the ten necessary conditions for the declaration of a national health city.How to do a good job in disease vector biological control and ensure that the work of disease vector biological control and control meets the national health city standard?


I. Guiding Ideology:

Aiming to create a national sanitary city and a comprehensive 'pests' breeding habitats as the key point, by means of prevention and control of environment, adhere to the government organizations, departments, units in charge of, universal participation, the principle of comprehensive prevention and control, overall in rodents, mosquito, fly, exterminate cockroach (in addition to the 'four harms') is a focus of vector biological prevention activities, reduce the 'four harms' density, reduce media biological transmission of infectious diseases, lay the solid foundation for creating the national health city, for the majority of the people to create a healthy living and working environment.

II. Work Objectives:

All local departments and departments have implemented personnel and funds for vector biological control and control, improved systems and institutional systems, and formed a long-term working mechanism to continuously consolidate the fruits produced by vector biological control in the whole region. The density of 'four pests' is controlled within the scope of national standards, and the work of vector biological control and control has reached the national health city standard.

III. Tasks:

1. Investigation and treatment of disease vector breeding sites

(1)Each district each department should organize the organ in time and the unit under its jurisdiction (including domestic and subordinate areas) to carry out the breeding ground investigation and treatment, including the situation, type, quantity and treatment of rat, mosquito, fly, cockroach and other breeding ground, and summarize the 'disease vector breeding ground investigation and treatment table' in the administrative area in real time.

(2)Each unit and each community neighborhood committee should mobilize the cadre workers and households, concentrate time, timely cleaning indoor and outdoor sanitation, weeding, plugging holes and wiping out cracks, fill up potholders, remove water and waste debris, eliminate dry toilets, close garbage channels, eliminate the four pests and breeding environment, fill in the real-time vector breeding ground investigation and treatment report.

1. The construction of four-harm protection facilities and rodenticide bait stations

According to create a national sanitary city vector plan calls for biological control work, all units, community, and public area to install the necessary deratization poison bait station, at the same time, institutions, public areas and hotels, hotels, restaurants, food processing plants, fusi retail key control unit must be installed pests protection facilities, to repair the Windows and doors, repairing rat bite marks, perfecting the protection facilities.

3. killing with vector biological drugs

Chemical drug extermination is the main measure to control the density of 'four evils'.Every spring and autumn, the whole region should organize and carry out drug insecticide and rodent killing activities.After the activity, all units and communities should carry out drug killing work regularly according to the requirements.The method of putting poison bait in the poison bait station for rodent control is adopted;Insecticide spray, bait or gel bait, and smoke agent were used to kill cockroaches.The method of drug retention spraying was used to kill mosquitoes and flies

4. Monitoring the biological density of major vectors

To master the background data of the population, distribution, density and breeding sites of major vectors is an important content of the work of vector biological control, providing necessary data for the risk assessment of the occurrence of rat-borne and insect-borne infectious diseases, and providing scientific basis for the unified insecticidal and rodent control activities.The whole region should strictly, standardize and comprehensively monitor the biological density of major vectors, master accurate background data, and carry out real-time dynamic analysis of the biological density of major vectors.

IV. Division of Responsibilities:

1. The principle of 'government organization, territorial management and unit responsibility' shall be applied in the biological control and control of disease vectors.

2.Sub-districts shall be responsible for the publicity, initiation, organization, implementation, inspection and supervision of activities to eliminate 'four pests' in their respective areas, with the focus on the prevention and control of disease vectors in their communities.

3. All departments shall perform three duties in eliminating the 'four evils' : first, they shall perform the duties of vector biological control of their own departments and their subordinate units;Second, as the supervision and administration institution, it should perform the supervision and administration of vector biological control and control over the public parts such as its municipal facilities and the objects under its supervision.Third, actively cooperate with local community organizations to carry out biological vector control activities.

V. Job Requirements:

1.Strengthening organization and leadership

All local departments and departments should be in clear charge of their leaders, assign special personnel to take charge, formulate work plans in a scientific way in light of actual work conditions, and earnestly do a good job in the prevention and control of vectors within their jurisdiction areas and units.

2. Extensive publicity and launching

We should adopt various forms and use various publicity tools to extensively publicize the harmfulness of the 'four pests', the importance of pesticides and scientific methods of pesticides, so that the general public can actively participate in the activities of vector biological control and control, fully mobilize, participate in by the whole people, and fully meet the standards.

3. Strengthening inspection and supervision

The agency is responsible for the inspection and supervision of the work of vector biological control in various departments in various localities;All local departments shall be responsible for the examination and supervision of the units under their jurisdiction.Report and deal with the places and units that are found to be slow in work, ineffective and ineffective during the inspection.

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