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Pest control solutions for large factories
Date: 2014-11-15
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With the development of social economy, in addition to the needs of food processing enterprises and their upstream and downstream enterprises for pest control, more and more large enterprises of other types also have more and more urgent needs for pest control. On the one hand, this is the need of internal development of enterprises.On the one hand, the exception is also a manifestation of the factory's own competitiveness.Pest control, on the one hand, reflects the enterprise's concern for the environment, the overall concern for product quality, on the other hand, also reflects the enterprise staff's humanistic care and healthy environment.


I. Key points of pest control in the factory:

1. It is necessary to pay attention to the actual situation of the factory and formulate targeted prevention and control plans.Different factories will have different sizes, requirements and requirements, and different internal management. For example, some factories may have special requirements for operation procedures in sensitive areas (such as r&d centers and power distribution centers).Therefore, before the implementation of pest control operations, it is necessary to have a comprehensive understanding of the situation inside the factory and the requirements of the factory. At the same time, specific operation procedures and processes should be developed according to the requirements, so as to better meet the needs of the factory.

2. Focus on comprehensive treatment.For different factories, it is necessary to publicize the principle of integrated pest management in the process of implementation, through the concept of comprehensive management, pay attention to the physical control, cultural control priority, chemical control as a supplement.On the one hand, it accords with the principle of environmental priority, and at the same time, it also improves the social responsibility of both us and the factory.

3. Pay attention to publicity and training.In the implementation process, pay attention to the training and publicity of personnel at all levels of the factory, so as to improve the awareness of all staff, and integrate the requirements and standards of pest control into the daily management and daily process of the factory, so as to help improve the daily management level of the factory.

II. Our pest control solutions:

1. Thorough pest inspection and monitoring of the whole area.

Each factory has a wide range of living areas, production areas, office areas, storage areas and so on.At the beginning of any plant project, we will conduct a comprehensive inspection of the entire project to find out the location and occurrence of pest risk points, and at the same time, we will make targeted plans and make planning arrangements in combination with the historical record of the project and environmental conditions.In every daily service, try to deal with the risk points found above without leaving any points or areas, and check and deal with key risk points every time.

2. Comprehensive pest management and breeding site treatment.

In the process of service, non-' four pests 'will appear in the factory. Once the factory proposes to deal with such situations, we will immediately identify and come up with a treatment plan, not limited to the scope of treatment agreed in the contract, and timely arrange treatment and control.

As for the situation where the control is difficult and the input cost is high, we are discussing the follow-up handling cost while carrying out the necessary control.We will stand in the owner's point of view, for your business cost savings.

3. Timely and rapid emergency response and disposal plan.

In the course of service, we will respond to emergencies or emergencies in the factory within 30 minutes, deal with emergencies on the same day, and deal with buffer situations within 24 hours.

4. Monitoring key time and risk points.

Each factory has a large area, so it is necessary to focus on the key parts in the control plan for targeted disposal.At the same time, the project is greatly affected by the climate and environment, so it is necessary to make preventive publicity and preventive measures before the high incidence of insect pests, so as to avoid the impact of insect pests on production.We will monitor at each risk point to prevent and manage any possible pest risk.

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