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The National Professional Committee on Standards for Vector Biological Control is one of the 17 professional committees on standards under the National Health Standards Committee.It was established in Beijing on November 23, 2006. The affiliated unit of the secretariat of the committee is The Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention.Mainly responsible for the planning, review and implementation of relevant standards for disease vector biological control.The COMMITTEE has published 47 national standards related to vector biological control, and we have selected 27 of the documents that...
Release Time 2018 - 07 - 17
It refers to the guidance and normative laws and regulations designated by national and local public-health institutions, including the vector biological prevention and control system, the patriotic health movement regulations, etc., which have the binding power for government functional departments, enterprises and public institutions, and PCO service companies. 1. National Regulations on The Prevention and Control of Disease Vectors 2. Regulations of Guangdong Province on The Control and Prevention of Disease Vectors
Release Time 2018 - 06 - 18
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