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Human Resources Recruitment
Recruitment:Pest Control Officer
Date: 2018-07-02
Number of recruits:30

1. Job responsibilities: provide customers with pest control services;

2. Number of recruits: 30;

3. Work area: Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan, Jiangmen, Jieyang, Haikou, Sanya;

4. Educational requirements: technical secondary school or above;

5. Age requirement: 20-45 years old;

6. Job requirements: good health, no infectious diseases, no tattoos; responsible, able to bear hardships and stand hard work; adapt to irregular work schedules and night shift arrangements, and obey company management; holders of driving license C1 or previous experience in pest control are preferred .

7. Salary: Negotiable by the company.


Recruitment Tel: 020-83571552 (Personnel Administration Department)

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