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Date: 2015 - 04 - 02
Commercial complex is a complex integrating shopping, leisure, entertainment, tourism and culture.Its structure is complex and the flow of people and logistics is frequent.The main structure of the building is divided into aboveground and underground, which is composed of various water systems, line systems, green systems, storage, storefronts, parking lots and garbage houses. This kind of environment is very suitable for breeding pests.The existence and spread of harmful organisms will seriously affect the consumption environment, food safety, image and reputation and a series of serious consequences;So pest control plays an important role in the whole business operation.I. Main points of pest control in shopping malls:1, pay attention to the store of goods into the channel control: shipm...
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Date: 2014 - 11 - 15
High-end star hotels, choose quality pest control services is essential, it and the hotel to provide guests with the service is matching, is equivalent, can provide customers with a peace of mind, comfortable, pest free leisure, comfortable place.It must not be the most expensive, but it must be reliable, worthy of your trust, in your need, it can appear in time, share your worries!We are your best choice.I. Pest control features of the hotel:1. The hotel's pest infestation and damages not only rodents such as mice, reptiles, insects, such as cockroaches, flying insects (e.g., flies, mosquitoes, midge, etc.), and in recent years have flies in the hotel, book lice, bedbugs, bedbugs, etc., and in many resorts snakes, termites, malu, centipedes are hotel managers pay close attention to an...
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Date: 2014 - 11 - 15
Food safety has attracted global attention. Food safety has become the number one topic in our life. Relevant laws and regulations on food safety are becoming more and more sound and strict.The whole society, not only the food safety regulatory agencies, but also the public, food practitioners and managers, pay more attention to food safety, and have higher but not the highest requirements for food safety.Pest is one of the problems that food production and processing enterprises need to face seriously in terms of food safety.In recent years, rodents, cockroaches, flies, mosquitoes, ants and other urban pests bred in food and beverage processing enterprises have polluted food and raw materials, harmed the production environment, and threatened food safety and enterprise brands.Government r...
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Date: 2014 - 11 - 15
'Safety' is the lifeline of civil aviation and the top priority in all work. Ensuring safety is the top priority in airport work.The civil aviation department clearly put forward that safety, efficiency and quality operation should be the three core elements to promote the sustained, healthy and rapid development of all airport work, so as to make all work vision clearer, more directive and more operable.The service concept and control strategy of 'safety, environmental protection, efficiency and science' must be adhered to for the control of vector biology and the control of ant and insect in the airport aircraft, public areas and their buildings, so as to ensure the 'zero incidence' of insect pest events in the airport and fully prevent the risk of insect pest in ...
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Date: 2014 - 11 - 15
With the development of social economy, in addition to the needs of food processing enterprises and their upstream and downstream enterprises for pest control, more and more large enterprises of other types also have more and more urgent needs for pest control. On the one hand, this is the need of internal development of enterprises.On the one hand, the exception is also a manifestation of the factory's own competitiveness.Pest control, on the one hand, reflects the enterprise's concern for the environment, the overall concern for product quality, on the other hand, also reflects the enterprise staff's humanistic care and healthy environment.I. Key points of pest control in the factory:1. It is necessary to pay attention to the actual situation of the factory and formulate targ...
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Date: 2014 - 11 - 15
Catering industry is a highly competitive industry and an inseparable industry that attracts close attention from the public. Attracting customers requires unique dishes, good catering environment and value for money.But losing customers can often be all it takes.The restaurant industry's close relationship with food makes it hard to be an insulator for pests.Therefore, it is necessary to choose professional PCO control company for pest prevention and management.Our service starts with the arrival at the restaurant.I. On-site Service:1. Wear a work permit and cap to explain your purpose to the restaurant staff.2. After entering the restaurant, put the equipment and work bag in the appropriate place.3. Explain your purpose to the on-duty manager of the restaurant, understand whether the...
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