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Service Service
Service Service Process


Step 1: Provide customers with comprehensive pest risk assessment report in the early stage (free of charge)

1. Survey the surrounding environment.

2. Structural investigation of internal environment.

3. Investigation of the improvement of defense facilities.

4. Insect pest species identification and density monitoring.

Step 2: Tailor the 'Integrated pest Risk Management plan' (free of charge) for the customer. The environmental survey report includes the defense facilities that the customer needs to improve and that we need to install

1. Insect pest species and density monitoring.

2. Pest management technical scheme.

3. Budget and quotation for pest management.

4. Technical personnel management system.

5. Service quality assurance measures.

6. Technical specifications for service operations.

7. Matters needing attention for service security.

Step 3: After signing the contract, both parties will enter the site for service. The service plan will cooperate with and meet your requirements.

1. Cooperate with the client to improve the environment and construction loopholes, and continuously improve the defense and pest monitoring facilities.

2. Provide services in strict accordance with the technology and implementation plan.

3. After each service, the technical service personnel shall provide the service confirmation form on the spot.

4. Set up customer pest control service files for customers and suppliers to audit.

5. Regular arrangement of quality inspection personnel for directional service.

6. Provide regular service progress report for customers to keep track of the service progress.

Step 4: Ensure your satisfaction with our services during the term of this agreement.

1. Regularly carry out monthly, quarterly and annual assessment.

2. Irregular spot check service, regular return visit to customers to get their opinions.

3. Answer and deal with customers' calls within 24 hours, or provide door-to-door service or appointment time.

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