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Main business

• Pest surveillance

• Pest control

• Response to vector outbreaks

• Disinfection and epidemic prevention

• Prevention and control of various ant pests

• Industry training consulting

• Create a healthy city

• Disease vector research transformation

• Third party audit evaluation

Pests not only spread insect-borne diseases and endanger food safety, but also affect your operating environment and pose a continuing threat to your reputation and image.It is to recognize your fundamental needs, we can provide you with more environmental protection, reliable and advanced pest control services.We can help you eliminate these potential pest risks before the pests have a chance to harm you.

We will customize the overall environment and pest solutions for you, effectively eliminate the risk of pests around you, reduce your operational risks, and protect you and your safety.

Our highly trained and experienced technical service personnel can understand your concerns about pest hazards and fully and thoroughly deliver the quality service promised to you.

Our technical service personnel will first inspect the site, identify the potential pest risks and fully communicate with you to help you timely correct the existing pest invasion or potential risk factors, and put the prevention of pests in the first place.

Secondly, our technical service personnel will regularly check, monitor and record the situation related to pests, to ensure that the key information of the risk of pests will be told to you.We will regularly issue detailed service reports to help you understand the latest health and structural problems that can lead to pest activities and to help you correct deficiencies in a timely manner.

In the service process, our service team and you and your team together, regular or irregular exchange and communication, calibration, the service process of the two sides of the shortcomings, need to improve the links, frank and disrespectful to put forward, so that we can enhance and improve each other's service quality.

With your assistance, we can teach your staff how to implement and maintain optimal pest prevention practices by providing necessary pest risk training to your operations team.Show your team how to identify early signs of pest activity and avoid infestation with on-site guidance.

We will help you achieve sustainable development goals and a healthy environment by continuously improving our products and services to reduce adverse environmental impacts.


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