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Experts from the Office of Health and Health Care to teach you how to kill rats

What are the best ways to eliminate indoor mice? Experts from the Office of Patriotic Health and Health Services have spent four tricks:  

The first measure, citizens should first do a good job in home environmental sanitation. Rats like to live in a messy environment, relying on discarded organic matter in people's lives. Keeping the environment tidy is the most cost-effective way to reduce the chance of survival for rats.

The second trick is that rodents can move through each other. Wild rodent species will enter the room through holes, holes, holes, pipes, door cracks, and sewers. Rats between layers will move up and down through vertical pipes. The house mouse can also 'shrink bone', even if the gap width is only 0.6 cm, it can drill through. Therefore, indoor rodent control must be isolated from the 'traffic' route of rats. Such as kitchens, food operation rooms, food warehouses, etc., the door gaps should be controlled below 0.6 cm, and iron-clad doors (above 30 cm in height) should be used; the outlet of the sewer should be equipped with a metal mesh cover; pipes and holes should be sealed with cement; warehouses, food processing The ventilation openings in the cafeteria and kitchen operation rooms should be installed with net covers; garbage, swill, and grain should be sealed and covered; warehouse piles should be separated from the ground and partition walls.

The third trick is to regulate the release of poison bait. People often complain that the poisonous bait is not effective in killing rodents, which is related to the wrong method when putting the poisonous bait. The correct approach is to ensure that the poison bait is fresh and dry, and put it on the hidden environment and the rodent path where the rodent activities and habitats, and the poison bait is kept for more than one week. During the eradication of rodents, manage water and food sources, and keep the walls clear. One week later, it was found that the poisonous bait was not eaten but the rats were still active. The poisonous bait can be adjusted to give the rats a chance to eat.

The fourth trick is to place mouse traps, squirrel cages, and sticky mouse boards. When placing the mouse trap, be careful to place the mouse trap perpendicular to the wall, with the bait against the wall at one end, and the distance between the trap and the wall is about 2 to 3 cm.






Zika virus is really close to us

Zika virus belongs to the Flaviviridae family, the genus Flavivirus, a single-stranded positive-stranded RNA virus with a diameter of 20nm. It is an arbovirus that is transmitted by mosquitoes. The host is not clear, mainly in wild primates and living on trees. Mosquitoes, such as Aedes African mosquitoes. However, on February 9, 2017, the first confirmed imported case of Zika virus infection appeared in my country. On February 15, another case of feverish person returning from Venezuela was found among immigrants at the scene of Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport port. This was confirmed as China's second imported case of Zika virus infection detected at the port. This viral disease that broke out vigorously in Central and South America was no longer far away from us, but very close.

   So how can we prevent Zika virus? There is currently no vaccine for Zika virus. Reducing the source of Zika virus infection (removing and modifying breeding grounds) and reducing the contact between mosquitoes and people can reduce the occurrence of infection. It is recommended to take the following measures: use insect repellent; wear clothes that cover all parts of the body as much as possible, and preferably light-colored clothes; use screen nets, close doors and windows and other physical barriers; sleep in mosquito nets. In addition, it is more important to empty, keep clean, or cover containers that may contain water, such as buckets, flower pots, or car tires, so as to remove the environment that can breed mosquitoes.

  To protect yourself from Zika virus and other mosquito-borne diseases, take the above measures to avoid mosquito bites. Pregnant women or women planning to become pregnant should follow this advice, and seek advice from the local health department when travelling to areas where the Zika virus has already occurred.

  We must pay attention to Zika virus as well as dengue fever, eliminate mosquitoes, eliminate mosquito breeding sources, timely prevent mosquitoes, and pay attention to the spread of Zika virus. We will work together to build a civilized and healthy home.




How to effectively prevent and control cockroaches in the home?

As we all know, cockroaches reproduce fast and have a wide range of eating habits. They are one of the biggest headaches in the family. At the same time, food contaminated by cockroaches is very harmful to human health. In many cases, it may even cause allergic reactions. 'How do we prevent and control it?

   First of all, we first confirm what is the cause of the cockroaches. The most common cockroach in the home is the German cockroach, and the kitchen has become the hardest hit area. Cockroaches like hot and humid places, and also like fermented foods rich in starch or sweet. Therefore, water and food-rich kitchens and restaurants are the main places for breeding cockroaches. Cockroaches often appear not only in the kitchens of homes, but also in hotels, restaurants, factories, etc., which can be seen everywhere. What is the best way to kill cockroaches?

For families, it is more important than killing cockroaches to do a good job of prevention and improve home environmental hygiene. If there are cockroaches in the house, you can use the cockroach house. Its principle is similar to the sticky flyboard. It uses mucus to stick the cockroaches, which is environmentally friendly and economical. In addition, before killing cockroaches, we must cut off the cockroach’s food path to reduce the chance of attracting 'tis' into the room. The most important thing is to keep the living environment dry and clean. Frequently clean up garbage and unused items, especially books, newspapers and magazines in the home; check furniture and hidden places such as air ducts and wire ducts at least once a season; it is best to close the cracks in the ceiling, wall and floor. All cockroach remains and cockroach eggs should be cleaned in time and burned with fire to prevent the cockroach eggs from hatching and continuing to cause trouble. Do a good job of daily cleaning and sanitation to prevent cockroaches from breeding at the source, and then use a reasonable medicine to rinse the cockroach clusters to reduce the density, and then use granules, glue baits, etc. to kill cockroaches to achieve the effect of completely killing cockroaches.



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