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Guangdong Huilimin Pest Control Engineering Co., LTD. was founded in 1999. After more than 20 years of development, its scale and performance have reached the forefront of the same industry in China.

The company has two wholly-owned subsidiaries, one research institute, seven branches, seven departments and 15 project departments, and the service network is distributed in more than 20 cities.

The company has more than 300 technicians for vector biological prevention and control, who are competent for vector prevention and control operations in various special places. More than 20 experts with practical experience are employed as guidance to provide technical support for site construction and provide suggestions for the development of the company.

The company started from the basic business of vector control, such as pest control and rodent control, and gradually formed a comprehensive enterprise of vector biological monitoring, emergency control of insect-borne infectious diseases, regional comprehensive management, third-party evaluation of vector control effect and so on.

The company has passed ISO, OHSASI, AIB, HACCP, YUM, GMP and other system certification, with exquisite management to produce benefits, with good service quality to win the trust of customers, with a trustworthy way of operation to win peer recognition, in the industry is highly praised.

Company first won the pest control service grade A qualification certificate, the first won the pest control service in guangdong province grade A qualification certificate, the first was awarded guangzhou deratization insecticidal service class A qualification certificate, for 10 consecutive years ranked the top 10 columns, PCO company comprehensive strength for many years for industrial and commercial bureau of guangdong province issued 'keep the contract heavy credit enterprise of guangdong province' title.

Company has with Pepsi, unilever, Pepsi beverage, amway, KFC, the Chinese petrochemical, guangzhou automobile group, southern power grid, pullman, Venice, marriott hotel, several 3 armour hospital, guangzhou baiyun international airport and other Chinese and foreign customers more than 700 enterprises and more than 100 government units to establish long-term cooperative relations, won the trust and the accumulation of experience.

The company actively participated in the disease vector prevention and control work of Guangzhou Asian Games and Shenzhen Universiade, and became a successful case for enterprises to participate in large-scale activities.The company is good at serving foreign-funded food enterprises with high standards, constructing in special places such as airports and power grids, and assisting the government to establish a national health city and control the outbreak of insect-borne infectious diseases.

Introduction to the Institute

Huilimin Institute of Public Health is currently the first private innovation center in the field of public health in China, as well as a base for international cooperation and personnel training in the field of public health.Institute adhere to the 'create environmental health, animal health, the harmony of human health' for the purpose, committed to a comprehensive upgrade disease control key technology research and development and promotion, focusing on 'environmental health and vector evaluation, public health products research and development, the high-end product introduction and promotion, health inspection and quarantine, public health personnel and technical training and promotion, international health cooperation platform' six big field of work.According to the corporate operation mode, the institute conducts the transformation of scientific research achievements and market docking, so as to realize the seamless connection of 'production, study and research' and guarantee the long-term sustainable development from project approval, investment, incubation to transformation of various types of projects.

The Institute is based on high starting point planning, high standards of construction, to build a public health service system with Chinese characteristics, representing the world's advanced level.The research and development team of the Institute is composed of more than 10 famous experts and professors and more than 50 doctors in the field of public health at home and abroad. The institute has five research centers: Environmental and Health Research Center, Health Risk Assessment Center, Health Policy and Standards Research Center, International Cooperation and academic Exchange Center, and comprehensive research Center.At the same time, the institute is planning to establish a post-doctoral mobile station and academician workstation, strengthen international exchange and academic exchange and improve the construction of talent training base.We will hold globalization summit forums on a regular basis, attract and gather relevant professional and high-end technical talents to settle down in China, and make every effort to build an international r&d and transformation platform with excellent environment, so as to guarantee the health and happiness of mankind and make due contribution to the realization of 'healthy China'.

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